DIY grad school

I have wanted to go to some form of Grad school for a while now. The biggest challenge is that it is obviously fairly cost prohibitive to pay for the schooling. I’m also not sure that grad school would pay a big enough return on investment. Particularly, it could take a while to pay off the school loans and now that we’re debt-free, that’s not an appealing situation.

So, I decided to get creative and put together a homemade DIY grad school course.

I have been interested in an MDiv in Theology for a while, so I found a school that I would like to “attend” called Northern Seminary.

I started by looking through the Northern Seminary grad school course catalogs to find their specific degree offerings. Once I found a degree I was interested in, I made note of each of the required courses for degree.

Next, I googled for the course syllabus for each of the required courses above. I was able to find the syllabus for almost every course.

The beauty of the course syllabus is that it lists every required book, article, and reading that would be required for the class. Most of the syllabi also list the required activities, such as essays, papers and projects.

I added each of the courses to my Course database in Notion and then added todos for every book, reading, and assignment that would be required for the real course based on the syllabi.

Now I can methodically go through each course one at a time and soak up all of the knowledge and go through each of the assignments at my own leisure.

Obviously there are several things I will miss out on by not taking the real courses. I won’t be able to hear the lectures, or participate in class discussions. I also won’t be testing my actual knowledge with quizzes or graded papers.

But, I feel like the return on investment of my time far outweighs the money necessary to obtain those extras.