Everyone’s an expert

I often compare myself to my heroes. I’m thinking here of folks like Austin Kleon or Tiago Forte. I would love to be doing what they’re doing. They have massive subscribers on Twitter and to their newsletters. They are writing about super interesting topics and teaching others along the way.

Do you do this too? You might compare yourself to your favorite musician or athlete. Here’s the deal though: if you think about expertise as a fluid process or a path that we’re all on, it can be a little less intimidating. David Perell calls this the “ladder of expertise”. Everyone is just climbing the ladder one rung at a time.

Of course, it can still be a little intimidating to compare yourself to someone at the top of the ladder. James Clear is obviously on another level. But he started out with a simple blog and a website. U2 started out as a group of friends playing music in grade school.

The trick is to find and follow people you can aspire to that are just a few steps ahead of you. These people are a little more relatable and can offer more specific advice or model the next steps you need to take.