My thoughts on Craft app

I’ve been using the note-taking app Craft as my main second brain repository for several months now. Previously I was a long-time Evernote user and I spent a few months in the Roam cult, but both options left me dissatisfied. These are a few of the things I love about Craft (and a few areas of improvement):

Beautiful UI – As a designer, I fully own and admit that user experience is an important factor for me. In my opinion, the design and UX of Evernote has been on a steadily declining trajectory. While Roam is super powerful and innovative, it is just plain UGLY. Craft is a well thought out and beautifully designed note-taking app.

Native Apps – Many of the major note and productivity apps do not have native MacOS options. Evernote, Notion, Basecamp – they all use Electron to bring web-based apps to the desktop. Craft is native first and only recently have they added a beta web-based option.

Features – Craft incorporates the hierarchical folder structure of Evernote, the block and widget based nature of Notion and the backlink innovation of Roam. They have combined some of my favorite parts about these other apps to create a truly unique note-taking experience.

Room for improvement – One thing I have learned is that perfection in note-taking apps is unrealistic and impossible to achieve. While Craft is definitely the prettiest notes app, I think it is missing some major features that would make it a powerhouse. Tags would be a useful addition for giving notes context. Tables and databases would be a welcome addition to compete with Notion. Most importantly, an API would be a game-changer for importing external content like Readwise or web content. The great news is that all of these items are currently on their roadmap.