Tweeting vs blogging

In a course I took recently called Ship 30 for 30, I learned quite a bit about writing on the internet.

The main thesis in Ship 30 is that if you want to gain a following and get feedback on your writing you should skip blogging and just publish atomic essays directly to Twitter.

Doing this meets people where they are, allows you to get feedback very quickly on your writing, and provides opportunities for serendipitous connections with other writers.

I do not disagree with any of this info, but I still feel drawn to write blog posts on my own personal website.

One of the main reasons I decided to start a writing habit was because the practice of writing clarifies and focuses learning. In other words, I am writing to learn and to solidify my thinking.

I don’t necessarily need a public audience to accomplish this and in fact, I have noticed that because I know my writing is going to be read and actively engaged with I might not write as openly or honestly as I could.

Obviously blogging is still a public activity, but will likely not draw the immediate feedback or replies that a tweet will.

I still think tweeting my writing and ideas has a time and place, but I also plan to simply blog on my personal site often as well in order to continue to sharpen my thinking in obscurity.