Using Twitter as a second brain

I recently completed a cohort-based online course called Building a Second Brain. I talk about it a lot on here because the BASB framework has had such a profound effect on my productivity, learning and just life in general.

One of my favorite take-aways was an idea that was shared in one of the mentor break-out sessions I was attending as part of the course. Kyle Bowe shared how he views Twitter as an extension of his second brain. Essentially Twitter becomes like a big fishing net that can help you collect ideas that resonate. From there you can save links down to Instapaper, tweets to Readwise, or just bookmark content for later retrieval.

Twitter is typically regarded negatively because of the social media/echo chamber effect that often happens. I think viewing Twitter as a repository of helpful information on a variety of topics can help to mitigate some of that negativity.

I love this idea and I have put it into practice by carefully curating who I follow. This helps me to cut down the noise and collect better content as well.

Another way to extend this idea and cut down on even more noise is to use a tool like Mailbrew to curate the best of the best and receive a daily digest of Top Tweets and Links. This has helped me to avoid getting trapped in the “infinity pool” of endless scrolling and surfaces the top content from my feed in a daily email.