Where do I write from here?

Well, today is day 30 of my #ship30for30 commitment. It has been a challenging task to publish an essay everyday for 30 days. It has also been a rewarding experience. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

Habit – Writing is a good habit. Not writing is a bad habit. There are days where the habit is hard and other days where it’s easy. The most important thing is to just keep shipping.

Good Enough – Most of my essays were not that great. But I’m a writing newbie and I have learned that good enough is A LOT better than striving for perfection and never shipping.

Topics – Even after 30 days, I still do not know what I want to write about. I think that’s ok. I’ve been learning to fall in love with the craft of writing. It might take me several years before I find a niche, but in the meantime I am learning to enjoy the process.

Where do I go from here?

Automation – I would like to publish my essays on my personal blog/website. Ideally I can find a way to publish once and automate publishing to other platforms like Twitter so I still get the feedback loop.

Don’t Stop – I wrote an essay everyday for 30 days. That’s huge! I want to keep the momentum going and continue to make writing and publishing a keystone habit. I might take days off, but I would like to publish more than I don’t.